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Our mission

Accelerate the ecological transition
by making carbon offsetting simple and accessible to all

Support certified projects

Finance recognized carbon offset projects and support local economies

Act on your footprint

Better understand your ecological impact and learn how to reduce your carbon footprint

Follow your progress

View your monthly carbon receipts and follow the progress of the projects you support

Reducing carbon emissions is essential
, but insufficient. To meet today's climate challenges, we create solutions that are easy and accessible to everyone

They trust us

"Tapio is our one-stop shop for carbon offsetting, simple and effective. We are convinced that everyone must take their responsibilities and it is up to companies active in the ecological transition to lead by example. We hope that many others follow! ”

Sylvain Niset, CEO Poppy

"Tapio is obvious to us. Today, every company has the duty to develop a clear and ambitious climate strategy, Tapio is pushing us in this direction."

Loic Winckelmans, CEO Retviews

Featured Tapio

Supported by environmental experts

We work directly with environmental experts who select our partner projects.

Development & Consulting

Specialized in reducing the ecological impact of businesses through the implementation of socio-economic benefits.


Gold Standard defines the standards for climate measures to quantify, certify and maximize their impact.

Projects funded by our subscribers

Reforestation in Madagascar
Massive reforestation and awareness program for the Madagascan population on environmental protection by the non-profit organization Graine de Vie

Forest protection in Kenya
Massive wildlife conservation program in collaboration with the local community


14,99€ /month*

Our easiest subscription, based on the European average of 9 tonnes of CO2 per year. You offset 100% of your carbon emissions, without any effort!


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Our most personalized subscription, it is based on your real lifestyle. Quickly calculate your exact carbon emissions and neutralize your ecological footprint.



26,99€ /month*

Our most complete subscription, based on the European average of 9 tonnes of CO2 per year. You offset 100% of your carbon emissions and those of a loved one.

* Our subscriptions can be cancelled every month in one click via your Tapio account

Easy and Fast

Finally, a simple way, as an individual, to be able to offset your carbon footprint.

Hadrien D.

Compensate in 5 min!

Easy, transparent and innovative. Tapio is the best way to offset your carbon footprint in less than 5 minutes! I recommend it !

Quentin V.

Well thought !

Go Go Go. It's really time to act!

Véronique D.

Did you know that... ?

The planes produced 915 million tonnes of CO2 in 2019.

Each kg of meat produced generates 27 kg of CO2.

A European citizen releases 9 tonnes of CO2 every year.

The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is the highest in the last 800,000 years.




70% goes to partner projects, 30% go to Tapio

These revenues are immediately reinvested to cover our operating costs, optimize our impact, remunerate our team and our partners. We quickly hope to be able to develop our own projects.

This allows us to work with the best profiles available to combat global warming and to develop our innovative reporting technology. Ultimately, we hope to profit from the sale of these monitoring and reporting services and thus reduce the commission levied by Tapio.


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